Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2010 Drive-In Super Monster-Rama: Part III

Okay, one more post on this event and then I'll move on, I promise...

As covered in 2010 Drive-In Super Monster-Rama and 2010 Drive-In Super Monster-Rama: Part II, I was finally able to attend this great show for the first time last year (the forth year it's been put on). This event is a must for fans of drive-ins and/or older horror movies of the type that were shown at drive-ins back in the 1960s and 1970s. This was a time when drive-ins were still plentiful and successful in America. Anyone who has a feeling of nostalgia for those times would love this tribute to those great times. In addition to featuring EIGHT movies over two nights the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama is also chock full of great trailers for tons of similar films, short subjects and classic drive-in ads and promos. All of the entertainment shown on the screen is projected from original 35mm film stock. While it would be a much easier undertaking, none of the material is projected via DVD. This is also great news for film fans and purists.

The Monster-Rama shows are put on by DVD Drive-In and held at a great active drive-in, The Riverside Drive-In in North Vandergrift, PA. The Riverside officially closes for the season after the Labor Day weekend, but for the past four years have extended their season one week specifically for this wonderful showcase of drive-in goodies. The Riverside's snack bar is open throughout the show, giving patrons a chance to eat classic drive-in food while watching classic drive-in movies! As if all this wasn't enough, Creepy Classics sets up tables and sells all kinds of DVDs, books, magazines, posters, toys and other stuff that fans of the types of movies featured in the show would be interested in.

Part II of my look back at last year's Drive-In Super Monster-Rama dealt with first night of the show, and this edition will focus on the second night. The movies that were featured during night two (Saturday September 11) were: "Frankenstein Created Woman" (1967), "Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell" (1974), "Blood on Satan's Claw" (1971), and "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" (1965). It was another great night that was somewhat dampened (literally and figuratively) by rain that started out lightly and increased just enough that you couldn't sit outside your car and were forced inside instead. Of course weather is unpredictable and the people behind the show have no control over that aspect (at least not any control that I'm aware of...). As has always been the case since drive-ins first started, we simply had to deal with the weather and not let it ruin a great night. Most of the people present seemed to roll with it. Not too many cars were seen leaving the grounds as the weather deteriorated. Because of the rain I wasn't able to get as many photos as I did on the first night (meaning that this installment will be mercifully shorter than the last one). With all that in mind, here's a look at night two:


The crowds came early the second night
We had to settle for being third in line.

Once again, the show kicked off with the National Anthem (a Riverside tradition)

Enjoy a movie? Don't mind if I do!

While enjoying a movie, why not enjoy a pickle too?

How romantic!

Chilly Dilly!

Previews of coming attractions...



...Presented by Hammer Films!

Did I mention that Frankenstein MUST be destroyed?

Yes, it's imperative--Frankenstein simply MUST be destroyed!


One of the features of the 2011 Monster-Rama!

And a bunch more trailers, including a few for some Al Adamson "classics"...





And a cartoon short from UPA...

Mr. Magoo in...


"Oh Magoo, you've done it again!"

And don't forget that we actually have some movies to watch tonight!
Our first feature is...


Which is followed by more Intermission fun

Trailer for "CRUNCH"




A couple screen shots from the final film of the night:

A look at the screen from outside

Here's an example of the rain trying unsuccessfully to dampen the mood of all the horror fans at the Riverside

And a final look back at the film stream shortly before the end of the show

Well, that (finally) concludes my look back at last year's (2010) Drive-In Super Monster-Rama show. Don't forget that the lineup for this year's fifth-annual show has already been announced. Coming September 9 & 10 are eight more great old movies and another chance to experience this great spectacle for yourself! The films featured this year will be: "Black Sabbath", "The Last Man on Earth", "Castle of Blood", "Island of the Doomed", "The Abominable Dr. Phibes", "Dr. Phibes Rises Again", "Count Yorga, Vampire" and "I, Monster".


  1. That Magoo cartoon was in BLAZING Technicolor, and looked amazing!

  2. I SO envy your ability to attend such a fantastic event! What I wouldn't give for such a chance...

  3. It was simply awesome! But if it weren't for my friend Mark taking me along with him I probably never would have mustered up the guts to drive the 10 or 11 hours (and get lost a number of times along the way I'm sure) to go to the show.

  4. What exactly is Frankenstein's Bloody Terror? A non-chilly dilly? Boy, I wish that I could've gone with you. I wish that I could've gone with you but at least you had a good time!