Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Johnny Legend's Mega Big-Time DVD Sale--Part 2

As a kid, there were few things as exciting for me as getting something cool in the mail. I couldn't afford to do a lot of mail order shopping, but I did enjoy sending out for free catalogs from companies that sold toys and models, as well as Army/Navy stores. It was always an adventure to get catalogs like this in the mail and use my imagination to envision buying all kinds of cool stuff from them. Occasionally I could manage to scrape together enough money from my paper route to be able to buy a few trinkets from these catalogs or a comic book ad (see Anorexic Toy Soldiers for an account of one of these purchases). It's tough to describe just how awesome it was to race home from school to watch my favorite afternoon cartoons (like "Star Blazers", "Force Five", "Battle of the Planets" and the 1960s "Spiderman"), and find a new catalog--or better yet a little brown package of stuff I'd sent out for--waiting for me.

Well, it turns out that adulthood hasn't changed me all that much. I still love finding cool catalogs in the mail. It's certainly a nice respite from the bills and stuff I normally have to deal with. I also love it when a package from eBay or some cool company that sells DVDs arrives at our door. I still feel a little of that old excitement when opening a package (especially if I've managed to forget what it is until I open it!). Here's a story about my latest adventure in mail order...

Last week I wrote about Johnny Legend's Mega Big Time DVD Sale that he had just advertised on a new blog. Here's that blog I wrote (Johnny Legend's Mega Big-Time DVD Sale!). And, here's Johnny's own blog about the sale that started all this madness (Johnny Legend's DVD Blog).

When I saw this sale there was some sense of fear that it sounded too good to be true. Just to be safe I sent Johnny an e-mail to confirm that it was legit. He wrote back and let me know that it was indeed on the level. While I couldn't afford to take the plunge on his totally awesome Mega Deal (EVERY one of his DVDs advertised, plus an autographed photo of Johnny from "2001 Maniacs" AND free shipping for sixty bucks), I did manage to put together enough money for a pretty sweet box full of delectable DVD delights. I ordered a total of five titles (which included eight DVDs containing tons of movies and hours of special features). Johnny appreciated my helping him publicize the sale through the blog and other means and he threw in a couple extra DVDs that weren't listed in the sale. So I received a total of ten DVDs (including couple that were semi-surprises) AND an autographed photo of Johnny Legend from the movie "2001 Maniacs"--which is included with all orders of three or more DVDs as well as the mega $60.00 deal above. Everything I received (including the $3.00 shipping charge) came to a grand total of only twenty-one dollars! I don't think I've ever gotten more bang for my buck than I did with this sale!

The box that arrived in the mail yesterday appears at the top of this blog. Here's what it looked like inside when opened:

Here's everything that was inside:

And, here's that autographed photo mentioned above. Johnny even personalized it with "Monster Dad" for me! How cool is that?

As far as what I ordered, let's start with "The Vampire Chronicles". The sale had volumes 2 through 5 being sold as a multi-disc set for six dollars. I couldn't resist picking up four DVDs for only six bucks!

These four volumes include the following six movies: "Hannah, Queen of the Vampires" (1973), "The Last Man on Earth" (1964), "Atom Age Vampire" (1960), "Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride" (1973), "The Vampire Bat" (1933) and "Dead Men Walk" (1944). The discs include many bonus features too. Not only that, but Johnny included the "2011 Collector's Edition" of Volume 5--which is also autographed by him!

I also picked up "Johnny Legend's Deadly Doubles Volume 3"--featuring "Prehistoric Women" (1950) and "Spies A Go-Go" (1964), as well as a bunch more special features. And "Johnny Legend Presents: Halloween in Hell" includes the premiere edition of the videozine Gore Beat, Johnny Legend hosting a bunch of movie previews and trailers, and two Tod Slaughter movies: "The Face at the Window" (1939) and "Murder in the Red Barn" (1935).

In addition, I bought Johnny's Special Edition of "The Sadist" (1963)--the excellent Arch Hall, Jr. psychological thriller, and the 50th Anniversary Special Edition of "House on Haunted Hill" (1959). Both of these movies can be found pretty easily from other sources, but these Special Editions each feature a bunch of very cool bonus features that make them stand out. I've been meaning to pick up this version of "The Sadist" for quite a while now, but always managed to put it off because I thought I could find it cheaper. Don't think I'll see it cheaper than three bucks!

Last, but not least, as I mentioned earlier, Johnny very generously included a couple extra DVDs at no charge to me. First is "The Vampire Chronicles: Volume 1" which includes two Bela Lugosi flicks: "The Devil Bat" (1940) and "An American Vampire in London" (1952), as well as a bunch of Bela-related bonus features. This volume wasn't listed in the sale, but I'm very glad to have it to complete the collection! He also included "Barn of the Naked Dead" (1974), which features an interview by Johnny of the film's star, Andrew Prine and another edition of the Gore Beat videozine!

Did I mention that ALL this stuff cost me a grand total of twenty-one bucks? I feel like I'm ripping Johnny off. I hope that enough people will cash in on this sale that he makes something off of it. The stuff I ordered is only a portion of what's available. Please check out Johnny's blog for the complete list as well as all the details about the sale and how to order. I don't know how long this sale will be going on for, so I wouldn't wait too long before ordering. This is something I'd hate to miss out on. When I asked Johnny (via e-mail) how long the sale would last, he couldn't give me an answer--but he did say that it would probably continue until he "came to his senses". Hopefully that won't be any time too soon!

Finally, here is a video I uploaded to YouTube today detailing the sale, as well as the unboxing of my package from Johnny Legend:


  1. yoursisterdyanleeschultzberglarsonparkerMay 18, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    Wow, Glen!!! A deal this great doesn't come by too often ~ Good for you! xoxoxox

  2. Hello,

    Just to let you know, the sale is still going on (sort of.) I emailed Johnny. He replied back very quickly and asked that I send a list and he would check for availability. I gave him a healthy list and he quoted a price that I also felt like we were stealing from him.

    Email him at johnnylegendrocks@gmail.com


    1. Thank you for the update Mike. Nice to know that Johnny's still giving insane deals over a year later! Congrats on your purchase and I hope you enjoy all the DVD goodness!

    2. I tried to get in on the sale and have tried contacting Johnny many times since mid 2011, I've never gotten a response from him and would lov to get some of these DVDs.

    3. I'm kind of surprised. It wouldn't be surprising if this sale had ended, but I would have thought that Johnny would still respond to someone wanting to buy discs. Looking at the sale blog I see some comments saying that the e-mail doesn't work. Guess he must have changed his e-mail. whether that means the sale is officially over I don't know. If you can find some way to get in touch with him I'm sure he'd be willing to sell you DVDs (unless they're all gone or something).