Saturday, May 7, 2011

Johnny Legend's Mega Big-Time DVD Sale!

I was just made aware of something that sounds too cool to be true! If it IS true then I just had to share it myself and pass along the exciting news. Johnny Legend is having a gigantic sale on his line of DVDs. All of his single-disc catalog titles are only $3.00 each. A couple multi-disc sets are $6.00 each. And his three brand-new releases are $8.00 for one, $15.00 for two or $20.00 for all three. Shipping is $3.00 for your total order. Also, if you order three or more titles you get an autographed photo of Johnny from "2001 Maniacs" (2005) for free.

Check THIS out though... For only $60.00 you get ALL twenty-seven titles (including the new releases), an autographed photo AND free shipping!

For those not familiar with Johnny Legend (and I admit to only having a vague knowledge of the man myself), IMDb describes him as follows:

"Actor, director, rockabilly singer, trash film historian, wrestling manager and promoter -- modern-day Renaissance man Johnny Legend has truly done it all and then some in a remarkably rich, eclectic, and impressive career that has spanned over four decades and shows no signs of stopping in the immediate near future."

I've been wanting to pick up his Special Edition of the Arch Hall, Jr. classic "The Sadist" (1963) for what feels like years now. Arch Hall, Jr. made a number of less-than-stellar movies in his short (six films) acting career, but "The Sadist" is a genuinely creepy and well-made psychological thriller.

Johnny Legend's DVD of the movie is not always the easiest thing to find. And when I do find it, it tends to be on the expensive side. Being a penny-pinching bargain hunter, I always seem to resist the urge to open the purse-strings for it. Looks like I'm FINALLY going to get my own copy of it!

Fans of old horror, exploitation, biker and just plain old strange cinema are likely to find something of interest in Johnny Legend's catalog of DVDs. And, it looks like now's the time to pick them up!

Here's a link to his new blog page about the sale with all the pertinent details:

In Anorexic Toy Soldiers I wrote about getting burned by old comic book ads, and mentioned phrases like "Caveat Emptor", "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" and "You get what you pay for". I'm hoping that this sale is a legit thing. I just shot Mr. Legend an e-mail to try to confirm the validity of the whole thing. If it all seems kosher I'll place my order in the next couple of days. I'll let you know what happens. I'm also not sure how long this sale lasts, but did ask him that too.

You know, it seems kind of odd to think that I'm writing a blog about a blog. ...But at the same time, when you're talking about the one-and-only Johnny Legend, it seems kind of fitting too! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Here's the results of my experience with the Mega Big-Time DVD Sale:

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