Thursday, July 5, 2018

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today!

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today!

No, I'm not talking about when Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play (though that was an important day too of course). In this case I'm referring to July 5, 1998. Twenty years ago. And what exactly happened on that date? Well, The Wife (not The Wife at the time of course) and I first met! I generally write about three things here at Monster Dad: stuff from my past when I was a Monster Kid, stuff from today about my own Little Monsters and stuff in general that interests me. But other than occasionally mentioning The Wife in passing I really haven't written about her or our relationship much in my 100+ posts.

Well, this anniversary seemed like a good time to do a little writing about that subject. The day we met wasn't the day we got married (our "real" anniversary), but indeed, if we hadn't MET on July 5, 1998 we wouldn't have ever gotten married! And, possibly more importantly for this blog's existence, we wouldn't have had our two Little Monsters who have been the subject of many posts here as well as the main inspiration for starting Monster Dad in the first place!

I will write more about this day later, but for now I just want to take this opportunity to say Happy 20th Anniversary to The Wife! Without you there wouldn't be an "us", there wouldn't be a Monster Dad and there certainly wouldn't be two very special Little Monsters making our lives so interesting!


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