Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Birthday to "Star Wars Plus 40 Years"!


Well, it WAS a long time ago (relatively speaking), but certainly in this galaxy. Okay, so this is admittedly a rather odd blog post, with a rather odd reason for posting it (and it really has nothing to do with Star Wars). Please allow me to explain. I have been VERY lax about writing blog posts for the past five years or so. Every once in a great while something will happen (the 40th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars", the death of Leonard Nimoy, the 30th anniversary of the release of "Back to the Future", just to give a few examples) that cause me to waken me from my deep blog slumber and post something new. But the rare posts I've managed to put up don't change the fact that I've only written eleven posts (not counting this one) since the beginning of 2013. A loyal reader would reasonably assume that I've simply given up, stopped writing altogether, moved on... died? Well, Monster Dad is still very much alive--at least for the moment.

The strange thing is that I really HAVEN'T simply "moved on" or anything like that. The blog has always remained on my mind. I still have many ideas running through my head that I honestly intend to put down on paper (by which I mean typing on the laptop of course). New blog ideas continue to pop into my head on a regular basis. I simply never seem to find (or make) the time to get them up on the site. Which brings us to this particular odd post. I've been planning on getting back to the writing thing for quite some time. In fact I actually NEVER intended to STOP writing--it just kind of happened. Hopefully there will be another post coming up soon that will go over this topic in even more detail and (with any luck) serve as an official return of Monster Dad. I knew that it had been a long time since the last post I made. I also remembered that it was the "Star Wars Plus 40 Years" post from last year. But I decided to see just how long it had been and was kind of shocked to see that it was exactly one year ago today that it went up (May 25, 2017)!

Well, after recovering from finding out that sad bit of information about my lack of productivity, I figured that the thing to take out of that was the fact that the "Star Wars Plus 40 Years" post was a year old. So, Happy First Birthday to that old story! Let me see if I can do something about keeping something like this happening again. Finding out that your "latest" blog post is a year old isn't exactly something to celebrate, is it?


Stay Tuned...

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