Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Taste of Spam!

Anyone who is familiar with me would know that the title of this post is a lie--or at least that it appears to be one. Of course I've tasted Spam in the past. While I don't indulge in this versatile mystery meat very often, I do enjoy it when the opportunity comes up--as crazy as that might sound to some. But no, the title isn't a lie, because in this case the Spam I'm talking about is that of the electronic variety.

I get spam in my e-mail inbox (or more frequently in my spam folder) all the time. But today I got my first taste of spam in relation to this blog in the year-and-a-half that I've had it. While that might seem like a bad thing--and I suppose it is--I'm actually kind of glad to receive this bit of unwanted attention. I would imagine that the big and successful blogs get hit with spam attacks all the time. Little ol' Monster Dad's humble site and small viewership wouldn't seem like a very tempting place for spam to settle. So, rather than getting all pissy about it, I've decided to consider my first spam comment to be a sign that I'm getting just that much closer to The Big Time!

A while back I posted a comment to a fun blog I subscribe to called The Baseball Card Blog. I checked the box to receive e-mails when follow-up comments were posted. Well, I was surprised to see a flood of comments a couple of days later. The strange thing was that they were all from various casino and gambling-related "names", and none of them made any real sense--especially in relation to the blog post they were supposedly in response to. While I don't really know all things about spam it seemed pretty obvious that this was a very clear cut case of it. The blog's writer and a couple other commenters made light of the obviously automatically generated and sent messages. And I suppose that, as long as no real harm was done, it was pretty funny if you looked at it in the right way. There was a small part of me that wondered why I wasn't "good" enough to warrant a spam attack. ...And there was a big, gigantic part of me that was thankful that I hadn't beed targeted--or at least not yet.

This morning I was checking my e-mail and was pleasantly pleased to see that someone had been kind enough to leave a comment on a blog I had just written a few days earlier. My blog doesn't usually generate a lot of comments, so it's always a nice thing when one pops up unexpectedly. Just for reference (as will become obvious soon) the blog was Resurrecting The Past: 1980 Sears Holiday Wish Book. I have my blog set up so that I can review comments before they are posted, and choose whether or not I want them published. While I don't intend to turn down any thoughtful or honest comments, this one became the very first one I decided not to publish. It was a pretty lengthy comment, followed by eight website links that I will definitely NOT be clicking on. I will also not be repeating them here--just to keep my readers safe. The comment was posted by someone called "cheaprsgoldforever" and included Mr. or Ms. cheaprsgoldforever's website address as well.

So anyway, while I won't be listing the web links here, I do want to share with you exactly what cheaprsgoldforever was kind enough to say about my blog post in their comment. Especially since it won't find its way to the blog itself. Here it is:
"I believe that this all to explain that I would pore over the Sears list (or otherwise the plaything segment) each and every late-November/early-December, and also group of friends a silly quantity of items that My partner and i "wished" for. My partner and i realized that we has not been you go to acquire everything that stuff, but it was just enjoyable in order to think a little. Itrrrs this that manufactured your Sears Want Publication this essential the main season for me. I did so end up with a number of items from the listing. Whether or not they originated in Father christmas, Sears as well as other department shop I can not point out definitely, yet I will talk about some of these products once we obtain them. And now you're ready to examine the particular contents of the Sears Want E-book to the Christmas season involving 1980. I am not planning to illustrate each and every page, in the end it has a total involving 668 web pages (which includes insures). Alternatively we will just look at a few of the several highlights (or at best stuff that My partner and i take into account shows). These kind of features defintely won't be assembled by simply classes. Instead they're going to use web site number--just like we've been seeking through a list from front to back."

Note that it not only doesn't really make any sense whatsoever, but it also includes snippets lifted directly from the blog post itself--presumably to make it look more "legitimate" and less like an automatically generated message. It's actually pretty funny in a way. But, for whatever reason, I just can't bring myself to believe that it's a genuine comment. I'm sure others have seen this kind of spam, but it was my first experience with such fun. I'm just glad I have the ability to check and approve (or not approve) comments before they're posted to the blog. And I also feel pretty lucky that it was only one comment, rather than the multiple ones The Baseball Card Blog received on their post.

Now I'm hungry for some Spam!

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